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Kenya coffee
Kenya coffee
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Origins of Kenya Coffee
Originally the cherry sized red berries of the coffee tree, native to Ethopia, were used as food, the pulp crushed and mixed with fat, and fermented to make a type of wine. The first cultivation of coffee is thought to have its origins to a variety fast grown at mocha, Yemen, across the Red Sea from Ethopia, around the 13th Century. There it aquired it's Arabic name, qahva, a poetic word for wine, which was tranfered to the drink made from roasted coffee berries. The drink gradually became popular throughout the Arab world and by the mid 19th century was intoduced into Europe. The term coffee is an attempt at pronouncing the Arabic word. The best coffees come from trees of the coffee arabica species. That is the variety introduced to Kenya by Catholic missionaries in the 1890s. Coffee became a valuable crop in Kenya after world War 1.

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