This marque traces its history back to 1844 and several rival versions of the story of its origin exist. It is known for sure that two brothers, August and Hermann Upmann founded the brand in that year. An alternate claim is that their surname was, in fact, Hupmann, but the "H" was dropped from the name of the brand because "H. Upmann" was more aesthetically appealing than "H. Hupmann". Both claims are likely because both Hupmann and Upmann are German surnames. Alternately, there is a claim that the "H" in H. Upmann stands for either "Hermann" or the Spanish word Hermanos, meaning "brothers," since it was Hermann and August who founded the brand.

H. Upmann
A popular legend holds that the favorite cigar of US President John F. Kennedy was the H. Upmann Petit Upmann, and that the night before the embargo was signed, he had aide Pierre Salinger procure every box he could gather from Washington, DC tobacconists, for a total of 1,200 of his favorite cigars. Others have claimed this folk tale is untrue and that Kennedy's favorite cigars were actually those made in the Philippines. However Pierre Salinger himself has recounted that night and confirmed it was 1,200 cigars and that he recalls the Presidents favorite was the H. Upmann Petit.

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