Since Drew Estate cigars debuted in the 1990s, they have gone against the traditional view of cigars in the United States. With the clever slogan, “the rebirth of cigars,” Drew Estate has taken the cigar world by storm with various blends and mixtures all using Nicaraguan long filler as their base. Their cigars have appealed to long time cigar aficionados and the next generation of cigar enthusiasts alike. These blends have established Drew Estate as a major name in the cigar industry, as they are now among the five largest cigar makers in the world. Drew Estate has created their presence where traditional cigar making techniques are combined with new and innovative concepts never before used in the industry. While they are best known for their naturally flavored and infused blends such as the Natural or Acid lines, they now have expanded even further into the premium, traditional cigar market with new blends such as Liga Privada No. 9 and Chateau Real, all of which have received top accolades from aficionados and industry publications around the world

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