Don Pepin Don Pepin Garcia cigars are a royal, full-bodied treat for cigar smokers who crave rich, spicy tobacco taste. Created by Cuban-born master blender José Pepin Garcia. Don Pepin Garcia is made by this Cuban master the fashioned Cuban way, in his tiny factory in Miami, Florida. This quaint, yet well run and impressive factory employs only 12 cigar rollers that Don Pepin personally supervises. The result are perfectly crafted cigars the likes of which are rarely seen these days. Don Pepin was Cuba's most renowned roller and master cigar blender when he fled that country only a couple of years ago. Since starting his famous little factory in Miami he has created some of the most exciting and flavorful blends to hit our shores; Cabaiguan, Tatuaje and Padilla Miami 8&11. The two blends that bear his name are his most fantastic blends he has ever created. The JJ Blend stands for Jose (Don Pepins first name) and his son Jaime who helped him develop this blend. The Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ is medium to full bodied. The flavor builds to a resoundind crescendo as you smoke this cigar. The Series JJ is a Nicaraguan puro with a Corojo wrapper, Criollo binder and a mixture of Corojo and Criollo fillers. This is a well balanced cigar and as complex a smoke as you'll ever taste. These cigars are not cellophaned and are packed in genuine Spanish cedar boxes that are idea for storing and aging these cigars.

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