CAO Flavors represent a relatively recent trend in the flavored-cigar market: high quality flavored cigars. Constructed with long-filler tobaccos and wrapped in African Cameroon, these petite cigars are cased with extracts, which results in a unique flavored-cigar smoking experience. Available in both tins and boxes. These high quality cigars and made with finest tobacco and the finest extracts in the world.

CAO America Landmark 20pk
CAO America Monument 20pk
CAO America Potomac 20pk
CAO Gold Label Maduro Churchill 20pk
CAO Gold Label Maduro Corona Gorda 20pk
CAO Gold Label Maduro Robusto 20pk
CAO Torpedo Moontrance 20pk
CAO EarthNectar Corona 20pk
CAO Eileen's Dream Corona 20pk
CAO Moontrance Corona 20pk
CAO Gold Honey Corona 20pk
CAO Petite Cherrybomb Tin 10/10
CAO Petite Bella Vanilla Tin 10/10
CAO Petite Earthnectar Tin 10/10
CAO Petite Eileen's Dream Tin 10/10
CAO Petite Karmasutrasplash Tin 10/10
CAO Petite Moontrance Tin 10/10
CAO Gold Perfecto 10pk
CAO Gold Karats 10/5 pk
CAO Gold Label 10th Anniversary 10pk
CAO Gold Label Torpedo 20pk
CAO Italia Positano 20pk
CAO Gold Label Churchill 20pk
CAO Italia Ciao 20pk
CAO Gold Label Corona 20pk
CAO Italia Gondola 20pk
CAO Italia Piazza 20pk
CAO Italia Novella 25pk
CAO Gold Label Corona Gorda 20pk
CAO Criollo Pampa 10/5pk
CAO Gold Label Robusto 20pk
CAO Criollo Pato 20pk
CAO Brazilia Samba 20pk
CAO MX2 Toro 20pk
CAO Criollo Bomba 20pk
CAO Criollo Conquistador 20pk
CAO MX2 Beli 20PK
CAO Criollo Mancha 20pk
CAO Anniversary Belicoso Cameroon 20 Pk
CAO Upright Tubo Bella Vanilla 20pk
CAO Upright Tubo Eileen's Dream 20pk
CAO Anniversary Belicoso Maduro 20PK
CAO Upright Tubo Karmasutrasplash 20pk
CAO Upright Tubo Moontrance 20pk
CAO Anniversary Petite Cameroon 10/10 pk tin
CAO Anniversary Churchill Cameroon 20Pk
CAO Anniversary Churchill Maduro 20pk
CAO Anniversary Robusto Cameroon 20Pk
CAO Anniversary Toro Cameroon 20Pk
CAO Anniversary Toro Maduro 20pk
CAO Brazilia Amazon 20pk
CAO Brazilia GOL! 20pk
CAO Brazilia Lambada 20pk
CAO Brazilia Ipanema 20pk
CAO Brazilia Cariocas 10/5pk
CAO Brazilia Anaconda 10Pk
CAO Brazilia Piranha 25pk
CAO Italia Piccollo 10/5pk
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